holding pattern while waiting for a flat to appear


stoic in his leanings

Well, I wish I had good news for all of you who’ve been rooting for me in my search for a flat. It’s simply not going to be. Not for a while, anyway.

Above is a a photo of the statue outside of the Poseidon Restaurant at Karl Preis Platz in Munich’s Ramersdorf neighbourhood.

In the last few months, I’ve walked by this guy a dozen times or so…

He seems to have mastered the stoicism that I so desperately need.

Day in a feminine city one year on…

red morning on the roofs of Florence

It’s been almost a year since I began this blog, so I’ve decided to repost some of my auld material in honour of my blogiversary. Fun stuff, eh?

So, here was one of the very first blogposts I came up with. The thought of not documenting a trip to the Medici family’s city with a few photos here was unthinkable.

Florence is a truly beautiful city, and I was surprised at what you found once you got away from where the majority of the tourists go. Tea shops and real people and whatnot.
The very thought makes me want to book a flight and spend the weekend there in the very near future. One never knows…

Here’s the original blogpost I mentioned above:

Day in a feminine city