Trust More Hope More


Pay attention to things written on walls, ok?

Good news! Fafa has arrived in Engaland. She’s sitting here with me now. Here is mi madre:


I took an overnight coach from Victoria Station to Manchester Airport and fetched her. They were working on the tracks, so rather than a train, we had to take a bus to Huddersfield and only then could we continue on with the train to York and then onto Durham.

We’ll be here the next few days & then we’re off to Lindisfarne. This is going to be the right sort of Bon Vivantery.



One response to “Trust More Hope More

  1. I’m going to comment in the form of a multiple choice quiz. Why? Eh. It’s late, I’ve been at work all night, why not.

    What was the best thing about this blog post?
    a. That your mom arrived safely
    b. That you’re having the *right* sort of bon vivantery
    c. That it randomly gets it’s own damn CATEGORY, it’s so fancy
    d. The look the woman’s giving you in the last photo

    (Answer: well, a-c are pretty good, I’m not going to lie. BUT ZOMG D. LOOK AT HER FACE. SHE HATES YOU SO SO MUCH. She is SNEERING. I laughed so hard I choked on my sad workplace dinner at that.)

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