day in a feminine city

As Henry James said in his Italian Hours:

‘It is the most feminine of cities. It speaks to you with that same soft low voice which is such an excellent thing in a woman. Other cities beside it are great swearing and shuffling rowdies. Florence has an immortal soul. You look into her grey eyes…so studious, so sensitive, so human.’

He wasn’t always so positive. For example:

‘Today Florence loves herself in dusty boulevards and elegant residential areas. A medieval city, with the effect of some precious page of antique text swallowed up in a marginal commentary that smacks of the style of the newspaper.’

My suspicion is that a few of you are going to find something humourous to say about one or both of those quotes, but I’m going to let my photos of this glorious day in Florence do the talking for me. Here you are:

red morning on the roofs of Florence

and the Duomo makes her entrance

the Ponte Vecchio viewed from the Uffizi Gallery

Palazzo Vecchio again from the Uffizi Gallery

hanging meat

Basilica of Santa Croce

late afternoon shot of the Duomo

courtyard of San Lorenzo

the Ponte Vecchio at dusk

goodnight dear lady

5 thoughts on “day in a feminine city

  1. I asked for pics and I got them! Thank you. Well, I realize it likely wasn’t solely for my benefit. Beautiful indeed. I hope everyone clicks on each one to really enjoy them. Please travel lots more.


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