The Adventures of One Fancy World-Traveling Bon Vivant (with a jaunty hat)

I don’t know where Amy Durant at comes up with this stuff, but it’s hilarious.

She takes snippets of reality, and weaves her spidery web of fantasy and madness.

And this piece is all about my favourite character of all: me. Your sometimes less than humble lahikmajoe.

And without further ado, here’s The Adventures of One Fancy World-Traveling Bon Vivant (with a jaunty hat).

Lucy’s Football

Last week, Ken went to Berlin, and took the whole internet with him, because he’s kind of the best. But we are not here today to talk about Berlin, no no no. That’s for another day.

Today, we are here to hear a tale of intrigue and skullduggery and hell, possibly even CHICANERY. I know. I KNOW!

So when he was in Berlin, Ken mentioned something about going to London. Now, listen. Ken lives this international life of mystery. This is a well-documented fact. He’s super-duper posh. He visits places that have names like Poing, he goes to castles, he gets to hang out in morgues, he gets his photo taken with goats. He’s kind of like the fanciest person I know in real life. Or on the internet, which I suppose is kind of MY real life, so same thing. (Oh, by the way, Dad’s latest thing is KEN…

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