She just cut her hair again! Not five minutes ago.


My brother and his wife had a daughter, and she was easy. Slept through the night. Did what she was told. Thrived on order. If it was bedtime, she happily went off to bed. No problem. So when it came time to have another kid, they had delusions of another bundle of joy. It didn’t quite work out that way.

Of course they loved the second daughter. It’s a given, right? You love your kid. But where the first one thrived on rules and order, the other little girl greeted every rule with a stubborn ‘Why?’.

The funny thing was that as much as they knew that I adored the first child, they assured me before I met the second that I was going to love her. Although I live far away, modern communication allows me to keep in regular contact, and as the time drew closer for…

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  1. I KNEW Willful Niece was the one who cut her hair! I kept saying to myself, “Why, when I think of Willful Niece, do I think of inappropriate haircuttery?” It was only a few months ago you blogged about this. I have the worst memory ever.

    I love her to pieces, you know.


  2. My mom used to get me dolls with long hair. Usually within a month they were bald. I loved my scissors so much.


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