Will she? Won’t she?

@Elaine4Queen’s on the verge of a nervous paintdown. Stay tuned to see if she starts making things. The Tottenham Riviera might not ever be the same.


Yesterday was the big push to get to Atlantis. My dear, it was pissing down. I had a ride home arranged, I had cash money, so all I had to do was get there and shop.

Alright, maybe it has been 10 years or something since the last time I went there, but in the rain, and with a slightly broken boot, I was entitled to a bit of head screaming when I turned the corner between the mosque and the Bell Foundry and instead of Atlantis I was faced with a big new building with a massive Tesco Metro and NO ATLANTIS. I don’t have internet on my phone, so I called my driver in waiting and he told me where it’d moved to, which was, thank all the gods of the east end, very near, and I de-escalated the panic mode.

You know, much as I love…

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