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Elaine Axten - Writer

When I first moved here I noticed that this plant was EVERYWHERE and was clearly able to take over any space it encountered so I began to treat it aggressively as a weed. What I have since discovered is that it only does that if there is room, it’s not greedy, and it’s flowers are rather pretty, and it’s a lot nicer, to my eye, than it’s cultivar version. The flowers on this plant are pink, and the cultivars have white or red flowers which are plentiful and brash. They are often grown in pots, and are good if you want a splash of colour for not much work.

I have become rather fond of this native plant. I like the way that over on the marshes it grows to armpit height, while wherever it encounters mowing it simply adapts and flowers near the ground. It’s an unassuming little thing…

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