for the love of train travel

Taking the train…


Fafa on the train…


The train station in Durham


Poppet and Elaine…on a train. A proper train, mind you.


The Dammtor in Hamburg
The train to the Zugspitze


Ella and Louis on the U-Bahn in Munich


Cottbus fans on the way to see their team play in Regensburg, and they’ve wrapped Ella and Louis in their team’s scarves.


Doing #DangerPanda on the train…an ICE train in Germany if you were wondering.







4 thoughts on “for the love of train travel

  1. What’s Danger Panda? The internet isn’t being helpful at ALL.

    Trains are VERY bon vivanty. They always make me happy. I haven’t been on enough of them in my life. That needs to change at some point.


    1. Danger Panda is a cycling term, and I only know it because I have some friends, who I only know digitally I might add, who’re biking enthusiasts.

      While you’re speeding along, you take a shot of your face from an aerial p.o.v. I’ll send you some good ones.

      Me doing a Danger Panda on the train is a bit of taking the piss out of those cyclists. There’s no longer any danger involved if you’re sitting comfortably on a train.


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