Saying goodbye to Neuhausen

If you follow the link in the tweet reprinted above, you’ll find a view from the hotel room we’ve been in since the beginning of January, and I can’t stop chuckling at the powdered snow doughnut.

This is my goodbye to the district on the western side of Munich called Neuhausen-Nymphenburg. It’s been my home the entire time I’ve been in Germany, and it’s a bit of a melancholy goodbye.

I’ve waxed lyrical about this particularly beautiful part of a particularly beautiful city. It’s as a good a time as any to move on, but it’s not easy.

Bogenhausen is no slouch when it comes to neighbourhoods in Munich. Many notable Münchner (residents of München) lived in Bogenhausen, and although there’s not quite the selection of restaurants and businesses as I’m accustomed to, I’m sure the ones there are will include a few gems. Can’t wait to talk about some of those here on the old Dachshund Blog.

Don’t change that channel. Stay with us through the next advertisement, because you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

And now for a link to the photo of the massive powdered snow doughnut, which incidentally has absolutely no calories, or negligible ones anyway. Not many things you can say that about, are there?



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