be peaceful, make peace, and stay true to yourself but not at the expense of other people or their level of comfort


My mom and little Benjamin. At this point, he was the newest addition to the family, and he continues to amaze all of us and ours.

He has his dad’s ability to remember minutiae and he’s not shy about you knowing he knows it. He’s a storage container of vast amounts of trivia. Vast.

We’re all processing our grief differently, but BK Michael seems to do it most under the radar. Stealth like.

He grieves.

Don’t get me wrong.

He just does it with more assurance. Hell tell you it’s been hard since our mother has passed, but he won’t go on and on about it.

But Fafa’s brother, our Uncle David has been on our minds. As has our dad, Bill Auvenshine. I’m sure Michael will tell you of his vivid dreams, if you ask him.

It’s not my place to divulge such a thing.

I know I hear her voice, though. It’s soft but still in my ear.

Quietly, softly guiding me.

Be peaceful, I hear her say. Or so I think at first.

After listening more carefully, I hear, Make peace.

Then I listened further and more carefully, and I heard only after a long wait:

Stay true to yourself but not at the expense of other people or their level of comfort.

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