you might even have more to offer when you eventually find a willing partner in crime


stolen kisses
These two certainly seem to like one another. Can’t last, I hear you saying. 

Each year this day rolls around, and as happy as I might be in my private life, I still find myself drawn to the most  bitter posts and articles about Valentine’s Day. It’s simply easier to be a cynic when it comes to this sort of thing. 

Yet last year we went to Verona & saw Juliet’s balcony, which apparently they had to build after the fact because tourists kept showing up asking where her balcony was. Great food, which is to be expected, and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had (if you’re ever there, try the ginger flavour), but of course while meandering round Verona, you can’t help but be drawn to thoughts of love. Eros. The big delusion. 

Plenty of people I know genuinely loath this day, though. A reminder that they’re just not measuring up when it comes to the model of romantic love that we’re fed from every direction. Love yourself? Treasure your solitude? 

Actually, those are fantastic goals. Undoubtedly many of my best moments were when I eventually stopped trying to live up to others’ picture of how things should be. Don’t like being alone? So what? Try it anyway. Not only might you be glad you did, but you might even have more to offer when you eventually find a willing partner in crime

The most undeniable thing I’ve learned from my experiences with the above? Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be paired up with the likes of me. There’s always that, isn’t there?

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