My September Eleventh Reflections

Touching and thoughtful response to events in New York, Washington, & Pennsylvania nearly two decades ago.

Laptops And Lederhosen

The sunrise yesterday was immense and memorable.

IMG_20190911_064018Exactly 18 years ago, yesterday, here in Munich, it was a mirror image on that fateful day, with a cool morning followed by a warm, sunny afternoon. Brilliant sun and sky. In 2011, I was on my way to work. On one stretch of Tagernseer-Landstrasse where my destination lie, it was very hot, as the massive length of the factory’s west facade reflected the just past midday sun down on me. I was to give an English lesson at AGFA, a company which at that time was one of the top three companies in the world on camera film quality.

I’d just begun my first real semester teaching, getting ever closer to a full schedule, and started the lesson at 2:30, or 14:30 for the Germans. It was nearly 3:05 (15:05) when in walked Frank Bauer, a gregarious Bavarian of 50 or 55…

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