like that earworm of a song from Frozen, just let it effing go

sunset on the year 2019
the sun is setting on the year 2019…if you’ve got unfinished business, now’s the time

If you know me in real life, you know that there’s something that’s been bugging me for a few years. It’s been an obsession par excellence for me, and I’ve talked my friends and even acquaintances ears clear off.

Because I’ve felt wronged, it has been truly impossible for me to just accept it. Because my financial security has been threatened, I’ve delighted in delusional revenge fantasies. It’s not what you’d expect from me, unless you really knew me.

Luckily, I’ve got a fantastic network of support in my friends, as well as colleagues even, and before I’ve sent that incriminating email or walked up to the offending party and told her or him what I really thought of them, I’ve been advised to just keep my mouth shut – to not press send on that long composed email.

However, it’s been more difficult than I care to say. It’s gone against my gut feeling. In and enraged and righteous state, I’ve been so close to doing something I’d have to eventually apologise later. As they say, I’ve been renting space in my head for absolutely no decent amount of money. No money, actually. In no way have I benefitted from this arrangement.

If I went into the details, I’m sure I could convince you of my perspective. Because I’m so passionate about this, I’m relatively confident I can persuade you to take my side. Want to know what’s so sad about all of this?

It doesn’t matter.

As my Nana used to say, ‘Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?‘ Not that those two things are mutually exclusive, but in this case the being right was interfering with the being happy.

The hardest people to forgive are sometimes the ones you just need to bite the bullet and do so. I’m not talking about a life or death situation. There are so many people with much worse dilemmas, and I’m simply not going to waste my breath or my energy to give the details of the mistreatment of Ken here.

Quite candidly, it’s simply dreadfully boring.

Want to know what I’ve done?

Walked away – simply turned 180 degrees away from the person and what I’ve seen as an unsolvable predicament. Promptly and without any excessive drama, I’ve extracted myself from the entire situation.

Think about something in your life that’s just in your proverbial craw. It’s bugging you and you’re losing sleep. You cannot even fathom that under any circumstance you’d be able to let this one go. No way.

And then you can.

It’s truly that simple. Really.

If you’ve got unfinished business, now’s the time to get it sorted. I’m not preaching here, I assure you. It’s what I’ve needed to do for ages.

Now it’s done. They’re simply out of my life. I’ve made my peace.


As unbelievable as it might be from your perspective, I assure you I’m writing this from the heart.

Like that earworm of a song from Frozen, just let it effing go. Really, I mean it.

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