ginger and cheese

Texas-shaped biscuits

There’s a blogpost about products in the shape of Texas that’s coming up. I assume I’ll keep seeing things I want to include as long as I’m here, so I’ll hold off on publishing it until later in my visit. It’s going to be both intriguing and educational. You like that, right?

However, today we have something related but not quite exactly the same. First of all, I found ginger snaps in the shape of Texas, and I had to have them. For putting in my mouth and eating reasons. To be precise, they’re called ‘Texas Snaps‘. Well named, eh?

So, I purchased them and was on my way. As is my wont. All was right with the world.

Then my mother suggested something that would change existence as we know it. Exaggeration? I think not.

ginger snaps and blue cheese

She said, ‘Try those ginger snaps with blue cheese‘. Wait, what? Those two things don’t go together. They’re actually diametrically opposed. Like some land of ginger thins whose inhabitants could never imagine any sort of cultural exchange with another land of people, who happened to be engaged in the enjoyment of curiously mouldy cheese.

Those two lands would never get along. There are universal laws, after all. We can’t be interfering with the ways of the heavens. Well, not without consequences.

But my mother is a smart lady. This isn’t her proverbial first rodeo. Would she steer me wrong? Not knowingly, she wouldn’t. So I sat down and had a cautious look at a plate of very delicious blue cheese. Then I opened the Texas Snaps. With aplomb. One shan’t forget the aplomb.

I spread a bit of cheese on the wafer, then popped it in my mouth. And the result?

What do you think? It was really quite good. Did you doubt my mother? Did you really?

One does such a thing at his peril. Going up against the mother of ol’ lahikmajoe is akin to battling Grendel’s mother. Not something I’d recommend.

Grendel’s mom

(photo credit: Emily L. Hauser – In My Head)

you can’t always expect goats

lahikmajoe with goats

Have been toiling away at a serious blogpost, but it’s not ready to be thrown up on the old Dachshund Blog. Not yet anyway. So, I wanted something new to be here, and I decided on an old photo of me with some goats.

Who doesn’t like goats?

This was one of my more ridiculous facial hair styles, if you’d even call it that, and the goats seemed to be well aware of how preposterous that non-beard beard choice was.

This photo was taken at a Cheese Festival in Bad Tölz several years ago, and I was lucky enough to be there on business. Later this week, I’ll be at another food-related event and I think I might just subject you to some of my impressions of it. Doubt there’ll be goats, though.

No matter how good the event might be, you can’t always expect goats.