Knee deep in Filmfest…I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Knee deep in Filmfest

For ages I’ve referred to this as the ‘best week of the year‘ in Munich, and I might just stand by that, although it has some stiff competition the longer I live here. 

Why the best? Because of Filmfest, I tell you. 

Before I started reviewing films for English language publications, I regularly attended it as a viewer – as a member of the public, which is why I can still imagine what it’s like from that perspective. 

I’ll even tell you how you can get into it, if you’re so inclined. 
Because I tend towards independent film, I spent those early years seeing some real duds. There was the confessional autobiographical account of a sex addict, which was one of the worst cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. 

However, there have been some gems mixed in with the rifraf. That’s why I get so excited each year when Filmfest comes back round. 

Here’s how to do it. Well, how I do it. First I get my program, which I suggest you do too, if you’re at all interested in such things – and if you’re anywhere near Munich, I suppose. 

Immediately, I separate the wheat from the chaff. How does one do that exactly? 

Next, see if there are any actors and/or directors you already know. If you find a movie from or with somebody you already like, read the blurb and decide if you want to fork over the dough and waste a few hours of your life in a dark cinema, while there’s all that beautiful summertime going on outside. 

That’s where I am, by the way. Watching reflections of light projected onto the wall in some cinema in Munich. And loving it. Best week of the year, I assure you. Doesn’t get better than this. 

serenading those of the feline persuasion in my best owl voice


Normally, I provide the source for photos/artwork when I include it here, but this is something that was included in a comment thread & I’ve got no idea where it originated. If I find out, I’ll definitely come back and mention where it came from. 

The drawing certainly reflects some nicer moments of the summer that we’ve already had, and at least here in Munich there’s only more goodness to come. This is the time of year when there’s nearly always an event going on in the city or another street fest around the next corner. 

What I’m most excited about in the near future is the Filmfest, which I like to refer to as the best week of the year. Plenty of independent film & movies that are making the international filmfest circuit before their theatrical release. I’ll be reviewing films, as I’ve done for quite a few years, & might even include some contemplation here that doesn’t belong elsewhere on other platforms. 

In the meantime, I’ll be serenading those of the feline persuasion in my best owl voice while floating along in the moonlight. That’s what summertime is for, isn’t it?

and so it begins


The Filmfest in Munich officially started last night, but the first day of screenings for regular folk is here. The day is upon us.

As much as I enjoy living here, I really miss independent film. This is the only week of the year one can catch work by obscure film makers.

Not all of it is good, but them’s the breaks. I can’t promise I’ll talk about every film I see, but my intention is to at least mention the misses, as well as the attention I always give the hits. Hold onto your hats. And so it begins.