Left Hamburg nearly two weeks ago, but I cannot stop daydreaming about it

starting out at the Eppendorfer Baum

The first few days in Hamburg were so rainy that when the sun finally came out I purposely went on a walk through one of the nicest parts of the city. Purportedly, there are more bridges in the Hanseatic city on the Elbe than there are in Venice, but I still don’t know if that’s true. I did read it on the internet, so I suppose it must be undeniable.

The Hochbahn glides above on a gorgeous autumn day

I wrote about this somewhere else recently, and maybe here as well, but Hamburg has an element of its public transport system that reminds me a bit of Chicago, which is one of my favourite American cities. Similar to that, Hamburg’s is an above ground train (Bahn) that sometimes goes underground. Other German cities have a U-Bahn or underground train (Untergrund Bahn) system, but this one is above the street, so it’s called a Hochbahn. ‘Hoch‘ is German for high or above.

Beautiful old Realschule

Especially in such glowing sunlight, I love buildings like this. I could try explaining the German education system and the difference between a Gymnasium (college preparatory ) and a Realschule (intermediate school), but just the thought makes my brain hurt. I do like the thought that the latter is a ‘real’ school. I spent enough time in Montessori and Steiner type schools that I know what an unreal school looks like. I prefer those to the real ones.

hair stylin’ at the Friseur

This poster made me smile, and I like the way you can see the building in the reflection of the mirror. Cool, eh?

masonry under the balcony

Look, I know there’s beautiful masonry and there’s not so beautiful masonry. According to a historian, these are probably of no consequence, but I simply love the lion and the faces of the men. Maybe it’s that the style of facial hair is similar to a blogger we all know.

your not always so humble blogger and the nearly always humble musician Jarrod

So, there you have it. My fascination with the era of the Fin de siècle (turn of the 19th to 20th century) is based on art and music and architecture, but I have to admit that beard styles are not a small part of all of that.

the leaves changing colours as we speak

I could’ve easily just included only shots of bridges and water. The light on the water is something that I’d likely never tire of were I to live in Hamburg.

under the Hochbahn

Reminds me of my trips to Chicago when I was studying music in Cincinnati. The above-ground trains in both places were probably built in the same era…can’t be too dissimilar. A better blogger would go do a bit of research. I’ve got better things to do.

church on the way

This is Sankt Johannis. Beautiful, isn’t it? I really like the architecture in northern Germany. More on that in a future blogpost.

a lamp in Pöseldorf next to the Alster

So, that’s it. There’s your latest tour of Hamburg with the inexhaustible Lahikmajoe. More soon. Might even start in on London. One can dream, eh?

up in the Hochbahn in Hamburg

Sternschanze U-Bahn and S-Bahn station in Hamburg

This is a blogpost I’ve been waiting to do until I had enough photos to make it make a bit of sense. Not that this blog always makes much sense. What’d be the point of that?

No point, I tell you.

In the S-Bahn in Hamburg.

Just like other major German cities, Hamburg has both an U-Bahn and S-Bahn system. Most of the time, the U-Bahn system is underground, but like Boston’s T or Chicago’s Elevated, Hamburg has what’s called a ‘Hochbahn‘. All over the city in the U-Bahn stations, there are auld photos of the 100-year old Hochbahn. I’ll include those in a future post.

Here’s my favourite train station in Hamburg:

Hamburg’s Dammtor in the late afternoon.

This art deco train station is on the S-Bahn line, which as Wikipedia describes, is a, ‘…city centre and suburban metro like railway system in AustriaGermanySwitzerland and Denmark.’

Retro photo of a Hamburg shopping scene.

This photo has nothing to do with the Hochbahn, but I liked it and I decided it was going in this blogpost. It’s my blog. If you don’t like it, get your own damned blog.