Old Braunfels…getting the band back together edition


In the coming months, I’ll be pimping this blog and sending my astounding levels of traffic toward a couple of the projects I’m working on these days.

Some of these projects are new, but most are the latest instalments of continuing collaborations. One of the nearest and dear to me is the one I’ve been working on pretty regularly with ol’ snaggletoothed Jarrod Shepherd.

It should be mentioned if you click on the SoundCloud graphic down below, you can hear a bunch of our repertoire. On some of the songs, you’ll also hear Javi ‘Hansfry’. He’s a Spanish Per Anhalter, which is the German word for hitchhiker.

Oh, and if you actually make it out one night to hear Old Braunfels, there’ll likely be some other musicians sitting in. We’ve been playing with a brand new guitarist this year, and there was even a percussionist sitting in on one of our shows in the waning days of summer.

We’ve got some shows in the coming months and even more in the New Year. Come out and hear some country-fried Americana. Tell ’em Bernie Sanders sent you – you might get a discount at the door.

Patio Design Ideas

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 15.00.37
This is a screenshot of http://lahikmajoe.com…I went there so you don’t have to.

If you went looking for the writing of lahikmajoe and found yourself browsing through patio furniture, here’s the skinny on what happened.

Originally the .com address took you to the tea blog. There was plenty of traffic there, as it was an irreverent and comical attempt at a blog about tea drinking. It was a lot of fun, and it’s entirely possible that I’ll find myself writing about tea again in the future.

However, it won’t be happening at the former address. That url has been bought by pirates. Well, I don’t know the correct term for such people, but pirates is how I’m going to refer to them. Ostensibly, it’s a site selling patio furniture. Click on any links provided and it’ll immediately become clear that they’re not selling any patio furniture.

The only reason the url was bought was to then sell it back to me. Although it was my mistake not to renew the account, I’ve got no intention of spending what they’re asking for the address. It’s simply not worth it to me.

Let me make this very clear, though:

I am not selling patio furniture. 

If you’ve gone looking for the writing of lahikmajoe and/or Ken Macbeth Knowles, it’ll become clear that there’s the patio furniture-related and non patio furniture-related content. This page will continue to focus on the latter.

Incidentally, I did not come to this decision lightly. When my former page was originally bought by the patio furniture pirates, I briefly considered accepting this as a fortuitous twist of fate. I hadn’t been a patio furniture expert, but maybe it was time I became one.

The first thing I could do would be to fix the atrocious English on the patio furniture pirates’ page. The text was clearly written by a translation program. Or simply really poorly written.

So I could clean up the content, link to real pages where actual patio furniture was being sold. Then I could get some Google and Facebook ads and become some sort of patio furniture mogul. Sounds good in theory, doesn’t it? You’d buy patio furniture from me. I’m certain you would.

But, alas, it’s simply not to be. I’d send you in the right direction to such a site, but I simply don’t know any.

I do know a site that looks like it’s selling patio furniture. It’s got nothing to do with me.

Nothing at all.