Getting outa Kraków, but I assure you…coming back as soon as I can

Relatively early morning on the town square
Been a bit of a whirlwind, but was it ever worth it. After a few hours in Poland‘s capital Warsaw on Friday, arrived later the same day in Kraków and hit the ground running. 

What a gorgeous city and what wonderful people. Goodness me, I’m definitely taking the earliest opportunity to get back to the city of JP2 (the Polish pope), as well as Copernicus, and an endless list of Polish intellectuals and theatre people and students and Catholics and and and…

Our guide called Poland the North Korea of Catholicism, which as a Catholic I think he could get away with saying. 

There were Pierogi and a day at Auschwitz, which I’ll have to write about once that experience has been digested, and more Pierogi

You could saunter over to my Instagram feed for more photos (here’s a link to one I like quite a lot: link to that photo I just mentioned)

Otherwise, you’ll be left with just a few odds and ends of my impressions. Here goes…

No matter how much I fly, I still love the feeling of wheels safely touching down on the earth again. Before Louis C.K. reminded us of being a bit more grateful for the miracle of modern flight, I’d long been marveling at the whole thing. 

Many times when I’m staring out the window of a big jet plane, I’m reminded of being a very small child in the exact same position. Gazing out over the clouds that all those years ago reminded me of fluffy pillows, I could never have fathomed how much I’d be in the air as an adult. 

The other thing that I’m left pondering after this weekend has to do with communication: when I go somewhere new, I quickly learn how to say ‘thank you‘ and ‘I’m sorry‘. Once I get those things down, I can somehow get across almost everything else with an elaborate pantomime. 

Thank you Poland in general and Kraków in particular. That guy waving his arms around and mouthing ‘Dziękuję‘? He’s coming back as soon as he can. 

This kitty’s komin’ to Kraków

One of those places I’ve always wanted to see? Not far from the Czech border in what I’ve heard is a gorgeous part of southern Poland, I’ve downloaded digital books about Kraków and am googling where’s the best place to exchange money. 

Get to spend several days remembering what a pain in the tuches it was to deal with currency exchange before the Euro. Don’t even know what money they use there, so for the time being I’ll e calling them ‘Polish dollars‘. 

What can you expect in the coming days from hereabouts and my social media feeds? Lotsa photos of Polish food and bad puns. There might even be some questionable jokes about that little historical reality that happened down the road at Auschwitz. You can hardly wait, can you?