belt tightening in an age of exorbitance

Having tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
(Hotel Four Seasons)

I’ve got bad news for my readers. The funds have run dry. I do a lot of travelling, so this was bound to happen at some point.

My galavanting has led me down a destructive road. It’ll be resolved, but in the short term, I’ll have to be much more careful with money. Which is a shame if you think about it.

What does every vibrant economy need? People who spend. Spenders.

That’s me. When it comes to spending, I’m the 1%. I think about what I want and then I go earn what I need to get enough dosh to then buy that thing. It’s very economical.

If I don’t anymore want the thing I was saving for, I simply find another thing to spend my money on. Quite conveniently, I never have to search for long. There’s always something I suddenly realise I desperately need. Nearly always.

There’s a financial axiom that you should earn more than you spend. This is certainly my financial philosophy. Now it’s time for me to return to the frugal path.

No more tea at the Four Seasons in the near future.

the tea selection and the inviting fireplace

You say, ‘Let him eat cake‘? You mean cake like this?

a chocolate cake, that I made, and a cheesecake from my favourite bakery

No more trips to Nice for a while.

the roofs over the Niçoise

The funny thing is that as much as I’ve loved all of those trips, I have something even better than the little trinkets and t-shirts that most people buy while travelling. Even better than all of the photos I’ve taken.

I’ve got memories that can never be taken away. People often ask how I can afford to travel so much. Well, travelling’s not so expensive. It really isn’t. I’ll be in London and Manchester and Liverpool in a little over a week, and I’ll stay with friends, when I’m not with my mother oop north. It’ll be fine. I’ve got excellent friends.

So? My news.

I’m skint. It’s happened before. I’ll live.

Will it slow down my bon vivantery? I assure you: it will not.


St Francis’ dog carrying a doughnut

probably St Francis of Assissi

Looming above Nice is the hill where the Château once stood (there are still ruins) and the Cimetière du Château (cemetery of the Château) still stands. Quite majestically truth be told. Actually, I’ll point you to a much better travel blogger than I who’ll explain this succinctly. Here it is: France Travel Series : The Nice Side of Cemeteries. There. If you actually clicked over, you’re much better informed.

But as beautiful as the cemetery on the hill was, and I’ll include a few photos below, I was somehow transfixed by the statue of what I can only assume must be Francis of Assissi that you can see above. I’ve seen this saint depicted with birds on his shoulder and even sprightly animals that you might see in the cartoon film Bambi scurrying along at his feet, but I’ve never seen him with a dog.

What is that? Or I should say, ‘Why is that?’

I’m ok with all those, but this dog at his side thing just made St Francis infinitely more interesting to me. You can see that, can’t you?

Even more important: What is that he’s holding in his mouth? St Francis‘ canine companion appears to be carrying a doughnut. Well, there’s nothing wrong with this development. That doughnut can’t be for the dog. For one thing if St Francis really loves dogs as much as he says he does, he knows the refined sugar in that doughnut is going to cause his dog nothing but trouble.

So the next logical conclusion is that the dog is carrying the doughnut for good old St Francis. How about that? Pretty impressive, eh? Not too shabby.

I didn’t have strong opinions one way or another, but if this dog loves him enough to carry that doughnut without eating it himself, St Francis just went up mightily in my estimation.

And now for several of the photos of the cemetery that I promised:

cemetery statue

the view pointing north
Greek-influenced statue in the Jewish section of the cemetery
a view of Old Nice from above