shameless self promotion

This photo says enough that it really doesn’t need any text…nevertheless, this isn’t a photo blog. Find the appropriate words below.

Was about to say that I hadn’t talked about turtles in a while, but I went back and looked at my earlier posts on this blog and there’s nothing turtle-related. Not a damned thing.

Which is a bit strange, because I’m really into turtles.


There’s a beautiful human female riding atop the turtle. Not in some inappropriate and potentially embarrassing way, either. As a matter of fact, I doubt you could misinterpret this lady and her motives. As beautiful as she might be, everything about her seems pure.

Wait, what are you blathering on about lahikmajoe? Is there any method to your madness?

Well, sort of. In a roundabout way.

See, I’ve been doing quite a bit of freelance writing and editing lately, as well as translating and proofreading. It’s been a bit of a boon, to be honest, but the sad reality is that I haven’t had much time for the whimsical that I typically find myself writing here.

The curious thing is that a good deal of the work I get is from people who first come here to look at samples of my style. Or they find old posts from the teablog if they’ve been able to circumnavigate their way around the patio furniture nonsense, that is.

If that last reference is lost on you, take a look at patio design ideas, and you’re guaranteed to be on the same page with me at least once in the last 10 minutes.

If more people are coming here to assess my writing, wouldn’t it be logical to make the writing more serious? More commercially viable?

I’m not against commerce. I’m not above shameless self promotion.

The thing is: if I’m already generating some sort of interest by simply writing about whatever the hell I want, and this is a personal and rather miscellaneous blog to begin with, shouldn’t I keep doing what got me here?

What I’ve noticed recently is that the more I write for other people, the more essential it is that I persevere in entertaining myself hereabouts. A pristine woman and the turtle beneath her is as good a place to continue as I could imagine.

If a handful of you enjoy it? Well, that’s lagniappe.


swim for the light

(photo courtesy of Stephen Pruitt)

‘Why are you so into turtles?’ I get asked often. Instead of a traditional wedding ring, my wife and I chose turtle rings. We lived in Aspen when we were first married, and there was a Kieselstein-Cord shop there. Do you know this designer?

Known for alligator/crocodile belt buckles and other jewelry/paraphernalia, I was astounded to see they had turtles. Well, not real turtles. Turtle jewelry.

Who cares, eh? Well, when I was a teenager, I started collecting turtles. Again, not real turtles. Many of my friends have turtles (they’re great pets, incidentally), but I’ve got my hands full with Ella and Louis.

There are many more turtle-related stories I cold tell you, but I wouldn’t want to upset the goats.

Goats are a bit territorial and jealous by their very nature, you know? Here’s the ring. Nice, eh?


We’re going to the zoo

Knut the polar bear cub

Do you remember Knut? This was not simply a German phenomenon. He became news around the world. Born in late 2006, Knut brought record numbers of visitors flocking to an already popular zoo. The story was compelling, because he was rejected by his mother and raised primarily by his handler Thomas Dörflein, who sadly died unexpectedly in 2008. Oh, and because he was an adorable little polar bear.

The Zoologischer Garten is located in the Tierpark neighbourhood of what was formerly West Berlin, and you might recognise the nearby S-Bahn Station (Zoo Station) from the title of a U2 song on Achtung Baby. It might be a bit confusing with the name Tierpark if you go to reunified Berlin today, because it’s not only where the Zoologischer Garten is, but the name of the still vibrant Tierpark in former East Berlin. I haven’t been there yet, but I’m certainly curious and willing to visit.

Back to the matter at hand. If you want to know interesting data about this zoo, a good start is the Wikipedia page here. It’s truly a remarkable place. Let me just say that I’m normally pretty hesitant to even go to zoos. They feel like animal prisons to me. I know zoologists are some of the most committed animal lovers, and I respect that they do more for animal conservation than I ever will. Nevertheless, there’s always a pang of regret when I set foot in a zoo. Enough of that…let’s get on to the animals.

Walked by the enclosure where Knut used to live (he sadly collapsed last year and shockingly died). Though there were two grown polar bears sunning themselves on a rock, it seemed somehow empty without little Knut. Please don’t tell those remaining polar bears I said so.

Oh, and I’ve included both a You Tube video I made of the the, as yet, unheralded Moon Jellyfish and the obligatory shot of your sometimes humble blogger. Enjoy…

polar bears taking in a bit of sun
turtles and an crocodile
this school of fish were just going round and round
nothing wrong with a lonely hippo
a tiger doesn't belong behind bars
three slinky slithering snakes curled up with one another
a colourful fish...what more can I say?
two Bald Eagles looking very patriotic despite that they're both Germans
a couple of lions that appear to really like each other
Who says a turtle doesn't have personality? Not me.
This young Russian boy didn't seem at all surprised to be attacked by this agitated bird.
Did someone request penguins?
these curious pigeons had feathers on their talons
little girl has close encounter
and an entire other sort of penguin