lose the words

the cake is very moist

I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but each year some in the German press debate and decide on the Unwort des Jahres. When I asked google how that could be translated, it came up with ‘taboo word‘. I don’t like that at all. Because ‘taboo‘ connotes that the word has rarely been spoken openly, yet these examples of each year’s Unwort are often chosen because they’ve been overused and the judges are sick of them.

Oh, look…here’s a website that’s actually called www.unwortdesjahres.net. I’m not sure why they want to get rid of ‘peanuts‘, but luckily I haven’t heard of anyone attempting to erase the word from the English language. I like peanuts. The nuts and the word. If the word weren’t in the language anymore, how would I ask for them? The packages on the shelf in the store would probably have the peanuts inside, but there’d be no name on the package. I don’t like the sound of any of that.

Then I happened upon a New Yorker article titled:

Words came in, marked for death…

It’s essentially the same idea. The magazine introduced what they call a ‘twitter-based game show‘, and in the first one readers were to ‘propose a single English word that should be eliminated from the language.‘ First of all, what’s a ‘twitter-based game show‘? Is that really a thing? Why wasn’t I informed? I follow the New Yorker on twitter. Shouldn’t they have made a bigger deal of this? If we’re eliminating words from the language, shouldn’t more of us be somehow included? It seems only fair.

I’d go through all the words that were volunteered, but you can click on the link. It won’t hurt you.

But one of the words that thankfully doesn’t get any support from the magazine was ‘moist‘. What on earth is wrong with ‘moist‘? I like that word. A cake that isn’t dry is moist. The grass in the early morning can be moist. Wonderful word – moist.

But the New Yorker provides a link to another site called the Visual Thesaurus, and the piece that also shines light on the aversion to this lovely word. Here you can read the results from a similar poll Which Words Do You Love and Which Do You Hate?

What’s the problem with moist? Really?

I don’t get this.

So what’s my Unwort? What would I rather not hear anymore? I wish I’d never have to hear anything about mayonnaise. Just the thought of that stuff makes me nauseous.