pay attention and then do things and then have some milk

Pay more attention

Let’s start with some guilt, eh? Guilt-orama, actually. This clock has some script under it, and you think, ‘Well, there’s as good a place as any to go for wisdom.‘ So? Here’s what it says (in case you can’t find your spectacles):

No minute gone comes ever back again Take heed and see ye nothing do in vain

What a perfect shop for an idler…lemme take a look

Enough of that. Let’s go where we call a spade a spade. Down at the Lazy Oaf, we can get our idling on.

Who knows what that is?

I’ll give you a hint where this is…no I won’t. You bleedin’ cheater.


Come here for all your Architectural Blogging needs. They won’t be met, but at least you was entertained, like.

up the stairs at tenderproduct (London WC2N 4HE)

This is where I got an overpriced but very funny tea towel. Want to know what it says? Another time, my little onion rolls.

As much as I like Waxy, I *really* like her little sister

If you think Waxy’s a bit like a crayon, don’t even think about her sister.

Friends Meeting House in Covent Garden

Quakers are pacifists. Go fight for what you believe in you lilly-livered bastards.

Be open to new light, wherever it might come from’

More wisdom, eh? We should make whoever hung this go look at the script under the clock.

Near the Goodge Street Tube

Here’s something that made me smile. Ok, enough smiling. Gotta go…

At the end of a long day of stumbling round, who’d like some whole milk? Let’s meet at The Cow…see you all there.

a grand total of seventy-four

really? only seventy-four? what're we doing here?

Stumbling round the web today, I happened upon McSweeney’s, which I’m certain I’ll be returning to for inspiration. I’m not kidding; there was so much wisdom (or satire of wisdom) to pass on that I could easily make this whole blog a ‘What I read on McSweeney’s site’.

Wait, let me ponder that one a minute.

No, I think I’ll keep on with the course I’ve been following. Whatever amuses, concerns or baffles me. That’s what you get here. Haven’t heard many complaints. That’s not an invitation for complaints. Really.

But then I found Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverbs. How could you deny yourself taking a gander at such a thing? I would not be denied. It’s one of my superpowers. Unless I’m tired. Or distracted. But if I’m well-rested and have even a minimum level of focus, then I cannot be denied.

Here’s ol’ Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverb when it comes to Writing:

‘A drop of ink may make a million think, though to be technically accurate, this isn’t printed, it’s just on the Internet, and with the fragmentation of modern media, I’d be surprised if it gets more than a few thousand readers and, let’s be honest, this isn’t very thought-provoking. So: An electronic display of characters may amuse a few thousand. Except the number of people actually amused is probably under a hundred. Therefore: An electronic display of characters amuses seventy-four.’

I’m ok with seventy-four. Well, for today I am. I didn’t create much here today. But on a day when I come up with some of my usual whimsy, I expect a few more of you to happen by. It’s not as if it’s going to affect you adversely. At least I hope it won’t.